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What the user is due time? What is the platform maturity?

2016/4/9 18:35:07

Maturity will lead to equipment downtime, please be sure to attach importance to know due time concept, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

Due time, divided into platform due time and due time users:

Platform maturity, is the dealer to the manufacturer to pay platform use of time. If expired, please pay to the manufacturer.

User due time, the user capture expends time to distributor, user expiration dealers can according to your own custom adjustment charge policy.

If the device platform but did not expire according to owe the due time, pay attention to look at whether the user caused due time, if it is, please dealers to modify equipment users the maturity of the time, the user due to time delay, recovery equipment into a free state.

How to check the due time? On the platform by device IMEI number or name search equipment, equipment search out, click on the equipment details, you can view the equipment platform due time and due time by the user.