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Why is the device offline?

2016/4/9 18:36:19

Off-line is equipment with the server disconnected links, after equipment of GPS data would not be uploaded to the server, and so on the platform to see may not be the device's current location.

There are several things will often lead to offline:

1. Equipment shutdown or power.

Through his cell phone to call equipment within the SIM card number, if you are prompted to turn it off, or sent via SMS arbitrary command did not return, is this kind of situation. Confirm whether equipment power supply circuit has a problem, whether the line power, whether the power supply voltage and current in the device's rated voltage and current range.

2. The equipment has no mobile phone signal.

Through his cell phone to call equipment within the SIM card number, if not available, is not in service area, is the case. As far as possible to park your car in the signal condition good environment. Installation location don't get too close, don't have metal orphan block, try to depend on the installation. (in the underground garage, tunnels, such as remote occlusion area without cell phone signals, can lead to equipment offline)

3. The SIM card overdue bills, GPRS service expires or package changes.

Details could consulting the SIM card operator (example: mobile: 10086, unicom: 10086), the card is overdue bills, whether to open the function of the Internet, Internet access is effective, whether the package is subject to change, if it is a mobile SIM card, confirm good GPRS access point is cmnet.